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Baja California Marine Wildlife Expedition

9 days
La Paz Baja California Sur
La Paz Baja California Sur
Max People : 12
Baja California Marine Wildlife Expedition

” le acciughe fanno il pallone che sotto c’e’l’alalunga se non butti la rete non te ne lascia una…”

Fabrizio de Andre sang its beauty, but we want to invite you to get to the water to witness firsthand this great phenomenon of the sea: the gathering of sardines in Baja California. You will experience the empathic concept of interacting with sea creatures: face to face with the legendary marlins, surrounded by sea lions, wrapped in a carousel of thousands of fish in the best period of the year for the Peninsula. The tour will be in the company of a documentary filmmaker of the sea and animals, Claudia Capodarte, author of real stories on TV where she tells her “unique” relationships with the marine giants encountered in all the oceans.


A phenomenon recently discovered in Baja California Sur is the second major sardine migration after South Africa and the first migration in the world of striped marlins in the wake of sardine shoals. An absolute privilege for lovers of snorkeling and free diving to be witnesses of one of the most rare and wild scenes of the Ocean.

When the northern storms push the banks of sardines to the warm waters of Baja, the great marlins appear attracted by the mass of fish, together with the black-winged sharks and a multitude of birds. The sardines gather in the typical “ball” formation trying to escape the predators that come from all sides. This is a unique opportunity to watch the rare marlin hunting. Once identifying the bank, we will follow them while snorkeling, following Claudia’s advice to have the predators as close as possible.


How can you get in touch with a colony of wild sea lions on an isolated island? Claudia uses special movements to invite the specimens to interact with us. A mysterious rhythm will involve you in a real dance of sea lions and with a little luck, you could find one of them in your arms. An unforgettable snorkeling adventure among the breathtaking sceneries of the islands in the Sea of ​​Cortes.


Claudia communicates with the giants of the sea through the “vibrations” that are captured by the refined shark sensors in the water. The giants of the sea, the whale sharks, know exactly if our intentions are good and, in that case, it lets itself be approached. As large ocean travelers, the whale sharks travel long distances, but Baja is their refuge for excellence. Snorkeling, we will approach the great shapes seen from the boat and we will try to stay as close as possible to their side.


Imagine a palace furnished only by fish that exists from the bottom and rises to the surface, or a giant in the water that constantly changes appearance. It is the famous “wall” of the carangid, predatory fish that, at this time of the year, gather up to be a million individuals. We will reach the “wall” while snorkeling, and as you approach the wall of the jacks, the magic of Cabo Pulmo will be released. In the Marine Park, the precious coral reef of Baja will also meet other gatherings like thousands of Ladyfish with yellow livery, giant parrot fish and sea turtles.

Day - 1 November, 2019La Paz

On the first day, after meeting the group at the hotel, we will have a meeting to present the tour with video projections, sharing questions and doubts. After lunch, we will head North to arrive in the afternoon on the Pacific coast of Baja California in a large protected nature reserve, a strategic breeding ground for many marine species and 100 species of birds. Breakfast on your own – e Lunch on your own – Dinner on your own – Night at the Hotel

Day 2 - November 11, 2019Pacific Coast

In the morning, we will have our first departure for the expedition in the Pacific with a specialized boat to follow the race of sardines where we will be able to go snorkeling and free diving. We will cross the wild landscapes of Bahia Magdalena before reaching the open sea. We will follow the movements of the shoals of fish just below the surface, ready to plunge several times near the sardine “balls” during their run, chased by the fast marlins that will dart on every side. We could also come face to face with the sea lions that often fish in the mad cloud of silver fish. Breakfast Included – Lunch included – Dinner on your own – Night at the Hotel

Day 3 - November 12, 2019Pacific Coast

Today is our second day of expedition by boat to follow the phenomenon of the migration of sardines and the hunting of striped marlins under the water surface. The clarity of the sea in this period will allow perfect visibility for observing predators hunting for the bank. In addition to marlins, we could meet dolphins, orcas, mako sharks, blackbirds, mobula mantas, tuna, humpback whales, as well as a multitude of birds. In the afternoon, we will explore the nature of Isla Magdalena in the heart of a naturalistic area rich in rare endemism belonging to the Biosphere Reserve of the Pacific Islands. Breakfast included – Lunch included – Dinner on your own – Night at the Hotel

Day 4 – November 13, 2019Pacific Coast - La Paz

In the morning, we will depart towards the South, going down the Pacific on roads that line the ocean. We will visit its spectacular deserted beaches, inhabited only by wildlife and a few fishing fields. To reach the different beaches, we will travel along ancient paths in the desert that wind through woods of centuries-old cacti. Several stops may allow swimming in the fresh ocean waters in the presence of shoals, but only at the discretion of the tides and the wave situations. Breakfast included – Lunch included – Dinner on your own – Night at the Hotel

Day 5 - November 14, 2019La Paz

After breakfast at the hotel, we will leave by boat to the Espiritu Santo Island for a full day in the UNESCO Heritage site. We will breathe immediately the adventurous atmosphere of the Sea of Cortes as we head towards pristine islands with breathtaking bays and a wild refuge of a great colony of sea lions. It is the season of the little ones who will want to play with us as they will be intrigued by our fins. It is one of the few places in the world where you can “dance” underwater with sea lions. Breakfast included – Lunch at the beach – Dinner on your own – Night at the Hotel

Day 6 - November 15, 2019La Paz - Marine Park

Today we will have a morning departure by boat to realize another dream, that of swimming alongside the whale shark, the giants of the sea. We will search for these creatures off the coast of La Paz, probably finding a whale breeding site. Once we have seen a specimen on the surface, we will dive to approach it. The visibility of the water will be approximately 30 meters and will allow us to follow the movements of the great shark. In the afternoon, we will leave La Paz heading South, towards the Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo. Breakfast on your own – Lunch on your own – Dinner on your own – Night in Bungalow

Giorno 7 - 16 Novembre 2019Marine Park

After breakfast, we will set sail in the sea with a boat equipped for snorkeling directed towards the only live coral reef in the Sea of Cortes. The exploration of the reef reserves sensational surprises in this special month, as it is the moment of maximum concentration of the jack fish, which are grouped up to one million individuals. The warm temperature of the sea will allow us to stay in the water for a long time to observe the “wall” of the fish, the large groupers of the gulf, giant parrot fish, dozens of sea turtles and often the large male sea lions. Breakfast on your own – Lunch on your own – Dinner on your own – Night in Bungalow

Day 8 - November 16, 2019Marine Park

The paradise of Cabo Pulmo continues out of the water with a dozen deserted beaches of a poignant beauty bathed by crystal clear turquoise waters. We will leave in the morning on kayaks to discover the shark bay where predators often reach shallow waters, we will continue towards the beach of sand castles and a remote dreamy cove. Here we will leave the kayaks to explore this natural aquarium, famous for its great biodiversity. Breakfast on your own – Lunch on your own – Dinner on your own – Night in Bungalow

Day 9 - November 16, 2019Marine park - La Paz

On the ninth day after breakfast, we will head North to La Paz, visit some of the most beautiful beaches of the Sea of Cortez that lie South of La Paz, sharing impressions of the journey and experiences made. In the evening we will return as La Paz. Breakfast on your own – Lunch on your own – Dinner on your own – Night at the hotel

Departure and return locations

La Paz Baja California Sur


  • Night in Hotel : La Paz, Bahia Magdalena (double room)
  • Boat tour : Isola Espiritu Santu , Pacific Coast, Marine Park
  • Bungalow Marine Park (double room)
  • Rent car and fuel consumption
  • kayak rent and equipment


  • Snorkeling equipment (local rent possible)
  • All meals indicated as "On your Own"
  • Alcohol
  • Tips (usually 10%)
  • Airfare

Tour Price

Tour Price : 2,350.00 USD

Reserve your space with a $500,00 deposit


This adventure participates in the ILoveBajaSur Project


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