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About The Tours


Our proposals, Baja California Tour, Baja California Adventure Tour and Baja California Self Drive Tour, are based on three different travel principles, but all suitable to fully live the beauties of this country, according to personal preferences.

Baja California Tours

Our tours include trips along fascinating routes, using common means of transportation including a driver, which allows the passenger to travel in total relaxation throughout the holiday. The planning of these tours includes a comfortable stay in a hotel for the nights of the tour.
Timeless Baja chooses the best partners for these tours to meet all the expectations of the participants and makes available its decennial expertise to make an unforgettable experience.
Some examples of adventure tours:
● Whale watching adventure tour
● Adventure tour to discover the Copper Canyon

Baja California Adventure Tours

The adventure in Baja California within the tours is essential. The participants will directly guide the vehicle suitable for off-road routes, thus becoming protagonists of their journey, combining the thrill of driving with the discovery of the territory, while actively living the experience. Throughout the trip, there will be set up camps with equipped kitchens in remote beaches and in the desert for a total immersion in the magic of this territory.
Some examples of adventure tours
● Three days “coast to coast”
● “Cactus Sea and Lower California deserts” tours 6, 9, 12 and 15 days in the Winter or Summer season

Baja California Off Road Expeditions

Travel dedicated to off-road travel lovers, expect a very high frequency of camps in remote areas.
Our car supplier partners have been selected and provide a high standard of maintenance on vehicles and in any case are controlled by our staff.
The vehicles used are Jeep Wranglers and Jeep Cherokees

Photographic Expeditions

Trips dedicated to travel and photography lovers, which include the presence of established professional photographers who will share technique and experience, allowing you to learn notions that are difficult to acquire on textbooks or theoretical training courses. You will take pictures in complete tranquility, without any rush, taking the time to fully enjoy indescribable natural spectacles.