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About Us

Baja California is our passion



We are a heterogeneous group of people with a variety of skills, experiences, and backgrounds united

by a passion for this wonderful territory that transmits pride and truth.


Our mission is to introduce you to the most authentic and profound Baja,

its secrets and its most enchanted and wild corners.

Timeless Baja Team

Adriano Ceccarelli

His deep passion for travel drives him, aboard his Toyota KDJ95, to Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and finally Baja California, where he now lives and works

Barbara Asinari

Professional in tourism market and Divemaster. She came to Baja California as a tourist, but this place touched her heart and she now wants the whole world to discover it.

Cris Josson

Cris Josson

Cris Josson is an Italian-American international sales professional and global nomad. She has lived in Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, the U.S and has travelled extensively all over the world.  Cris is fluent is seven languages and is currently based in Greenville, SC.

Joanie Ellis

Young environmental sociologist and graduate in Spanish language and literature. She moved to Baja California a few years ago where she has worked in various volunteer associations.

Laura Luciani

Vegetarian and animalist. She loves Baja California for its extraordinary nature, especially the ocean, the friendliness of its population and its quiet lifestyle.

Gilberto Hernandez

Mexico City native and expert in smartphones, he embarked on this new adventure in the tourism sector with enthusiasm and effort. He takes care of logistics and travel services. His smile and his good humor are contagious.

Cosimo Salvati

Photographer, adventurer, lover of sports, nature and fauna, he loves Baja California


The group’s mascot. He loves to run after other animals, especially on the beaches and around La Paz. His mission is to protect the safety of all guests when they sleep in the desert tented camp.