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About Us

Baja California is our passion



We are a heterogeneous group of people with a variety of skills, experiences, and backgrounds united

by a passion for this wonderful territory that transmits pride and truth.


Our mission is to introduce you to the most authentic and profound Baja,

its secrets and its most enchanted and wild corners.

Timeless Baja Team

Adriano Ceccarelli

Adriano Ceccarelli was born in 1963 in Rome. He lived in the Eternal City for 51 years, working as security devices developer. On board his Toyota KDJ95, his profound passion for travelling drove him to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. In 2014, after several trips to Baja California Sur, he finally decided to move there with his family. As an expert of GPS and off-road travels, he rode throughout Baja peninsula, discovering a countless amount of amazing lost paradises.

Laura Luciani

A vegetarian and a convinced animalist, Laura Luciani loves all the beauty of living creatures, animals and plants. Dragged almost to force in Baja California, she fell in love with her colors and her wonderful nature. He loves taking care of his cats, reading essays, gardening and restoring and painting old furniture to bring them back to life. But above all, he loves discovering new paradises hidden around every corner of this part of the planet. She follows the Italian market, and will succeed in designing the best possible trip for you in this wonderful territory.

Joanie Ellis

Joanie Ellis, environmental sociologist and millennial, has quickly become passionate about Baja California Sur. After graduating with two degrees in Environmental Sociology and Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture, she decided to move her life to La Paz to immerse herself in her favorite culture.  With an extensive background in caring for individuals with disabilities, she tries to include them in her daily life here in the Baja by doing volunteer work to support this population. She has been living in La Paz since the end of 2016 and does not plan to leave anytime soon! Her passion for this culture, the people, the land and the language grows more and more every day.

Delphine Lerisson

Delphine Lérisson is a self-regaining partner. Hypnosis, dance, creativity, meditation and wisdom of the Toltecs are among the tools that she offers individually or in group seminars. She loves life and nature, a privileged space to reconnect with oneself. She discovered Baja for the first time during a trip to Mexico, a land that is dear to her, and immediately fell in love with the variety of its majestic landscapes and wild beauty. Her contact with the whales remains a moment of grace and an overwhelming experience engraved in her memory. She is therefore very happy to be the reference point of this wonderful territory in France.

Megan Frisby

Meagan Frisby is originally from Chicago and has been in Baja for over 15 years.  She loves the active beach lifestyle that La Paz offers. On any sunny day you can find her boating, SUPing, or snorkeling in our beautiful bays. Her passions also include yoga, Crossfit, music and travel. She is a wife, mother and advocate for healthy, clean lifestyles and natural remedies. She also makes homemade serums, potions and kombucha. She has spent many years volunteering in less fortunate communities in Los Cabos through various organizations and churches. Meagan has traveled Mexico extensively and has a great love for the culture, language and people.

Yvonne Amman

Yvonne Amman visited Mexico for the first time in 2016. Having previously worked in the administrative sector in Switzerland, she quickly fell in love with the land, people and animals and decided to open a new chapter in her life and emigrate. Initially, she could not resist the street animals and now, she has 13 in custody. Here she also discovered her love for the spiritual world and is grateful to learn new things every day. Yvonne cares lovingly for customers from Germany and Switzerland.

Gilberto Hernandez

Gilberto Hernandez said Gil was born in Mexico City, but moved to La Paz in 2003. Here he meets his wife Ana and with her creates a new family, cheered by the arrival of the beautiful little Sara (affectionately called Ninja). As Expert in software systems for smartphones and has embarked on this new adventure with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment. He deals with Logistics and travel services. His smile and his good mood are contagious and solving problems is his hobby.


Lupo, a beautiful white shepherd, his arrival in Baja California is mysterious, he was adopted by La Paz in 2016. He loves chasing every living being, especially on the beaches of Baja California. His mission is to make all guests in remote camps sleep safely.